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Lubricating Gear Oil-Multi effect long-acting grease


Gear oil is mainly based on petroleum lubricating oil base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, and is an important lubricating oil prepared by adding extreme pressure antiwear agent and oiliness agent. Used in various gear transmissions to prevent tooth surface wear, scratches, sintering, etc., to extend its service life and improve the efficiency of power transmission.

Technical indicators

ISO viscosity class




Kinematic viscosity (40℃),mm²/s




Viscosity index




Flash point (opening),℃




Pour point,℃




Product features

1. Excellent extreme pressure bearing capacity, under heavy load or impact load working conditions, it can reduce tooth surface scratches, effectively reduce running noise, and ensure smooth gear operation; 2. Good thermal stability and strong oxidation resistance, which can reduce the production of various harmful oxides and sludge; 3. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, effectively inhibiting the occurrence of corrosion and wear of components; 4. Good oil-water separation ability and anti-foaming property.

Scope of application

(1) It is suitable for the lubrication of gears and bearing systems such as spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears and other gears and bearing systems of industrial equipment and ships with heavy load, impact load and working under harsh environmental temperatures. (2) It is widely used in industrial gearboxes of heavy equipment in the fields of steel, coal, building materials, electric power, petrochemical, papermaking, etc. (3) Suitable for ship propellers, deck winches, cranes, steering gears, etc.; electric shovel and dragline gearboxes in open-pit coal mines; and couplings, low-speed running high-load sliding and rolling contact bearings non-gear applications .

Packing specification

18L plastic drum, 200L iron drum.

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