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Calcium chloride-Fine chemicals

Product Description

Calcium chloride is a chemical substance composed of chlorine and calcium. The chemical formula is CaCl2, CAS: 10043-52-4, slightly bitter. It is a typical ionic halide, white, hard pieces or particles at room temperature.

Product Index

Content: 94%

Product application

Anhydrous calcium chloride can be used as a multi-purpose desiccant, dehydrating agent, such as for the drying of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases, in the production of alcohols, esters, ethers and propylene resins Used as a dehydrating agent. Calcium chloride aqueous solution is an important refrigerant for refrigerators and ice making. It can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of building mortar in infrastructure. It is an excellent building antifreeze and coagulant. Used as an anti-fogging agent in ports, dust collectors on roads, and fabric fire retardants. Used as a protective and refining agent for aluminum-magnesium metallurgy. Precipitating agent for the production of lake pigments. Used as a raw material for waste paper processing and deinking and the production of calcium salts. Calcium chloride aqueous solution is a good flame retardant. It can also be used in the manufacture of barium chloride, treatment of boiler water, preparation of metal calcium, fabric sizing, road treatment, coal treatment, tanning, medicine, etc.

Matters needing attention

sealed and dry storage. It can be packed in plastic bag lined with woven bag as outer coat.

Packing specification: 25 Kg, ton bag packing.

Storage and transportation conditions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Lightly load and unload when handling to keep the package intact.

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