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Fiber blended fabric-Amino silicone oil

Product Description

This product is a colorless, transparent or slightly yellow liquid, the molecular formula is R, (CH3)2SiO[(CH3)2SiO]J(R2(CH3)SiO]nSi (CH3)2R,0 where R, is a Group or hydroxyl group, r2 is an amino hydrocarbon group with primary or secondary amine.

Product Index

Appearance transparent viscous liquid
Ionicity Weak cation
P H 6.5-7
Amino value 0.4
Viscosity (25°C, mm2/s) 300-4000

Product Features

1. It can endow various fabrics with excellent smoothness, softness and smoothness;

2. It can be used on a variety of fiber blended fabrics and non-woven fabrics to obtain an excellent comprehensive feel;

3. The treated fabric feels very delicate, oily, silky, shiny and supple;

4. Wide range of uses, easy dilution, stable working fluid, high-concentration products, so your cost is lower.

4. Scope of application: suitable for the finishing of polyester, cotton, viscose, wool, polyester-cotton and blended fabrics;

5. Method of use: immersion method (diluted solution) 1-3%

Padding method (diluted liquid) 10-30g/L

Six, packaging

1. This product is packed in 50kg plastic drum and 200kg galvanized iron drum.

2. Store in a dry, cool place and avoid contact with strong acids and alkalis.

3. This product is non-dangerous and can be transported as general cargo.

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