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Adblue Lubricating Oil(Diesel exhaust fluid)


The scientific name of vehicle urea is diesel engine exhaust gas treatment fluid. Used in diesel engines. It is a consumable that must be used in SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle exhaust. Its composition is 32.5% high-purity urea and 67.5% deionized water.

Technical indicators


Physical and Chemical Properties




Odorless or slight ammonia smell


Concentration (urea content), mass ratio,%



Initial crystallization point (freezing point) /℃



pH value(20℃)



Thermal conductivity

(25℃) /W-(m-K)



Kinematic viscosity

(25℃) /mm²-s



Specific heat(20℃) /kJ.(kg K)



Surface tension(20℃) /mN m


Product features

1. Excellent extreme pressure bearing capacity, under heavy load or impact load working conditions, it can reduce tooth surface scratches, effectively reduce running noise, and ensure smooth gear operation; 2. Good thermal stability and strong oxidation resistance, which can reduce the production of various harmful oxides and sludge; 3. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, effectively inhibiting the occurrence of corrosion and wear of components; 4. Good oil-water separation ability and anti-foaming property.

Scope of application

1. It can effectively reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in exhaust emissions, and reduce the air pollution caused by exhaust emissions.

2. It can increase the power of the engine and reduce oil consumption.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection.

4. Chemical properties: When the temperature of urea aqueous solution is heated higher than 130℃ in automobile exhaust gas, urea is directly hydrolyzed into ammonia and carbon dioxide. This property is used for automobile exhaust gas purification (NH2)2CO+H2O- + 2NH3+CO2.

5. Scope of application:

It is suitable for automobiles, trucks, buses and buses whose diesel engines meet the National IV emission standards.

6. Matters needing attention during the use of vehicle urea

◆When cleaning accessories related to urea, pure water must be used instead of tap water;

◆Do not use carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel, cast iron materials when contacting urea;

◆Metals or alloys that cannot be contacted by urea: copper, bronze, lead, zinc, aluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium, magnesium alloy, soldering (including lead); tin;

◆In the process of transportation and storage, avoid sunlight and high temperature. The transportation and storage temperature should be between -5℃~25℃, below -5℃, insulation measures should be taken, and the temperature should be cooled above 25℃;

7. Packing specification: 10L/barrel or 1000KG/barrel.

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